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Our club was established in 1902 and is one of the larger clubs within the EAF and the UK.  We are a membership of around 200 enthusiastic amateur photographers.  Our club is based on education and much of our activity is within our Specialist Interest Groups with Practical Workshops, Critique evenings, Technical sessions and we give help and guidance to those working towards photographic distinctions and much more.  These activities are underpinned with weekly meetings of photographic talks and competitions.  There is an Annual Exhibition of Prints and PDIs, which will next run in October 2024, with awards presented by the Mayor and our sponsors, to whom we are extremely grateful.

Our Sponsors:  The Cambridge Independent, Campkins Cameras, Domino, OM Digital Solutions, Richer Sounds, Samsung, and WEX.  Read more about our Sponsors.

Membership: We are an energetic forward-looking club with a vibrant membership. If you would like to join us, please fill in a Membership Application.

Season 2023/24 Kicks Off

Welcome to our new members

On Monday 21st August, we were very happy to welcome our new members for the 2023/24 Season.  Following a personal welcome by President Barry Badcock, we served drinks and nibbles as everyone chatted over the display of members' prints.  New and returning members were given an overview of our website - the hub of club information and activities, before the Special Interest Group Leaders introduced their subject and activities.  The event concluded with a slide show of a selection of the 2023 Exhibition images, set to music, by our Webmaster - Ian Wilson.   We were so pleased to see the event was well attended by both new and returning members and we are looking forward to another interesting, inspiring and creative season.  

Now into 2nd Half of the Season

We have been fortunate to gain further new members who join us for the 2nd half of the season.  We have a packed calendar of talks, competitions, special interest groups, outings and workshops, to get through.  Lots to learn and to enjoy.    Welcome.  

Video about the Club

A video, made by Tim Marchant and originally shown at the opening of the 2022 Annual Exhibition, gives an excellent overview of the club and its activities.

Serial Print Competition 2023-24 Round 2

Click the above image to see the gallery of high-scoring images.

Entries reduced a little: Colour 31, Monochrome 26.   It was expertly judged by Chris Forster DPAGB FBPE MFIAP, who commented that the 'high quality of the work overall has made the judging all the more enjoyable'.  Chris is unusual in that he picked up every print, so as to be able to judge the choice of paper and mounting as well as the image itself.   We now know he is not a fan of 'matt' paper! :)  He had some of the highest praise for those images which not only engaged the eye, but also the mind and made the viewer think.  Images of frequently photographed iconic landscapes or scenes he asked the photographer for 'something more', 'something extra or different'.   His  critique was full and helpful to all and we thank him for it.  

Our congratulations go to those who impressed Chris to gain the top mark (20/20):

Colour: Peter Baker. 
Monochrome: Sarah Kelman.  

Please enjoy the competition gallery with all the high-scoring (18+) images, by clicking on the image above.  This is a serial competition of 3 rounds.  Points from each round accumulate until the Winners are revealed after Round 3.

Serial PDI Competition 2023-24 Round 2

For the second round of the Serial PDI competition it was even a larger  field  of 100 images (51 Colour; 49 Mono).  We thank Gill Adams BSc Open,  for judging this round for us.  

Our congratulations go to top scorers (20/20)

Colour:  Stacey Purkiss, Sally Freeman and Gerry Metcalfe
Monochrome: Jenny Hodd and Philip Gravett.

Enjoy the competition gallery with all the high-scoring (18+) images, by clicking on the image above.  This is a serial competition of 3 rounds.  Points from each round accumulate until the Winners are revealed after Round 3.

Points of View 2023

This is a fun competition.  There are 5 themes, a location, a date and and certain hours of the day in which the members must take their images.  This year the location was Saffron Walden town centre and the themes were Victorian features in the Bridge End Gardens, Sweet things, the bustle of Market Day, Approaches to the Church, Something old with something new.   Sue Badcock and David Steel tied 1st, but on countback Sue took the title.  Congratulations Sue🏆  As is tradition, the Winner has to organise and judge the competition the following year!  So maybe we should congratuate David Steel👏 . The images here are Sue and David's top scoring images.   

Serial Print Competition 2023-24 Round 1

The first round saw a good entry of 68 prints - 38 Colour and 30 Monochrome.  It was expertly judged by Nick Akers ARPS BPE3*, President Elect of the EAF.  His critique was full and helpful to all and we thank him for it.  Our congratulations go to all those who achieved the top marks (20/20):

Colour: Malcolm Brown, Philip Earl, Clive Downes.
Monochrome: Ken Bingham, Andrew Colgan, Sally Freeman, Allan Hale.  

Please enjoy the competition gallery with all the high-scoring (18+) images, by clicking on the image above.  This is a serial competition of 3 rounds.  Points from each round accumulate until the Winners are revealed after Round 3.

Serial PDI Competition 2023-24 Round 1

With a large entry of 92 for the first round of the Serial PDI competition, we were lucky enough to have Tony Bramley FRPS (website) as judge.  Despite the numbers, he managed to offer excellent critique which was helpful to all.  Our congratulations go to top scorers (20/20)

Colour:  Peter Baker, Andy Holloway, Martin Johnson, Stacey Purkiss, Sally Freeman and
Monochrome: Ian Wilson, Jim Bennett, John Gough, Helen Cherry.

Enjoy the competition gallery with all the high-scoring (18+) images, by clicking on the image above.  This is a serial competition of 3 rounds.  Points from each round accumulate until the Winners are revealed after Round 3.

It's a Knockout! 2023-24


Our first competition of the season is a very relaxed and demoratic event, where all the members attending get to vote for their favourite image.  The entries are all matched randomly with another image and the audience votes.  The winner goes through the next round and so on, until we get down to the last two images.  This year, congratulations go to Sally Freeman with her winning image of Sampson.  Runner Up was Torrie Smith and Tony Blaney and Peter Baker were joint 3rd.

Members' Websites

A number of CCC Members have their own websites, and a list of these can be found here. Shown below is a small selection of Member sites (CCC is not responsible for the external links).

Featured Items

Landscape and Ariel Photography - Mieka Boynton

Mieka Boynton delivered a very engaging and informative talk, along with her spectacular images.  She started by giving her view on what made landscape images standout.  She listed 'Unusual weather conditions; A special feature (glacier; mountain; winding path); An isolated tree; Reflections; Patterns / repetition / symmetry; Filters and long exposure; Your viewpoint; Night Photography and Choice of lens'.  Basically, show people what they do not 'normally' see.  Her “Landscape and Aerial Photography” presentation begins with a very brief explanation of her background, and then – through audience interaction – highlights a series of maximum-impact elements of Landscape Photography. The advice given is valuable for photographers at all levels. She also presents a selection of her aerial photographs and provides some useful advice for members if they wish to try their hand at this genre.  

Mieke is now an Internationally-acclaimed landscape photographer.  In 2008, Mieke travelled to the rugged and remote Kimberley region of Western Australia and promptly fell in love with the landscape. She took up photography as a means to share her amazement with family and friends, and quickly caught the photography “bug.” Mieke became a full time professional photographer in 2018 and that same year, was named “Victorian Travel Photographer of the Year” by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. In 2019, she was awarded the title of AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year. She is the first Australian and first woman ever to win the renowned Epson International Pano Awards, with three of her abstract aerial photographs receiving Gold Awards. In 2021, she achieved her Masters distinction with the prestigious Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) - one of only 5 successful applicants world-wide. Mieke now lives in the beautiful alpine township of Bright in Victoria Australia where she and her partner (award-winning photographer Matt Palmer) have opened their “Alpine Light” photography gallery.   Read more about Mieka on her website

The Best Camera is the One You Have With You .. Your Phone! Thomas Peck CPAGB LRPS

Tom's subject clearly had a lot of appeal as he had very good attendance for his lively talk.  He has been taking photographs for many years now. Originally he focused mostly on macro photography of flowers, and then expanded to include landscape, architecture and portraits.  Tom shoots with Sony & Leica cameras, but this evening he focused on what can be achieved with a phone.  He began by showing some of his first iPhone images dating back 10 years or so of family, friends, the family pet and holidays.  While he still loves his professional kit – suggesting '... it’s that blokey geeky equipment thing.'  but then he came to recognise the iPhone as a useful tool for recording locations in anticipation of visiting with clients.  Since that realisation, he has further explored the full capabilities of the phone and the editing apps available.  The second half of the talk was an interactive session with the members using their own phones as Tom taught us how we can embellis our images using the many features to be found on the mobiles phones today.  

Tom told us that the real pleasure of photography is that it forces him to slow down and really look. That’s never easy in our rushed world, so a chance to stop, look and see is truly valuable. He hopes the his pictures convey that in some small way.

Sports Illustrated - Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/p


Roger's talk was extremely entertaining.  An excellent raconter, he took us through his very earliest days as a sports photographer - a 'stringer' (part-timer) for the Telegraph, when he modestly admits it was a case of 'all the gear, but no idea'!  But his love of sport and his passion for photography made him determind and a fast learner.  His first days were in boxing, where lack of knowledge meant he missed a golden opportunity to photograph Frank Bruno, so he soon realised that 'preparation is key' and he now plans every detail of the event he is attending - from who will be there, and when, to where the sun will be at any given time of the day, and therefore the best locations.   Over 40 years, he has photographed over 25 different sports - from amateur cricket to top class athletics at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.  His favourite is gymnastics.   He was the recipient of both a Silver Medal and a Special Merit in the Gynmastics section of the World Photography Awards 2021.   Across all sports, he has witnessed both triumph and disaster and captured both the same.  As his skill developed, he has pushed himself to take images with a difference and has won many accolades for his efforts.  Our members enjoyed a very entertaining evening, whilst picking up many tips and tricks.

Flowers through my Viewfinder - Hemant Jariwala ARPS

Hemant Jariwala was a big draw this week with so many members keen to see his images and learn from his techniques.  Hemant is an award-winning photographer, who specialises in botanical, garden, landscape and iPhoneography. His images have been regularly published in popular photography & garden life-style magazines, greeting cards, calendars and books, around the world.  He began by explaining that his prime technique is that he composes his images 'through his viewfinder ALWAYS - not looking at the backscreen and not relying on post processing/cropping.  His backgrounds are natural - as he finds them.  And he says, the more you practice, the more you see the image further ahead of you - not 1 metre, but eventually 10 metres!  His presentation was threaded through with a clear joy of photography and a love for nature and flowers.   Hemant treated us to a photoessay, presenting an intimate study of flowers - close-up and portraits, that were once considered exotic are now common and mundane to Britain. Indeed, botanical photography is often considered as ‘record photography’, but Hemant showed the ‘artistic persona’ and beauty of flowers that have been taken for granted.  

In 1993, Hemant Jariwala won two major awards: Practical Photography magazine’s ‘Photographer of the Year’;  Royal Photography Society (RPS) International Slide Exhibition (General Category) Gold Medal & The Agfa Trophy.  Hemant is an Associate of the Royal Photography Society, and member of Bedford Camera Club

Landscape and Seascape Photography in the UK


A good friend to the club, Roger Hance presented to a packed audience this week.  Landscape and Seascapes Photography is one of the most rewarding areas of photography, as well being one of the most challenging. Roger demonstrated with his spectacular digital images, accompanied by high quality prints, just how he meets those challenges and comes out with award-winning images.  In the first half of this presentation he covered composition, lighting, exposure, equipment, preparation and research, as well as Infra Red Photography. He gave us the technical information on the focal length of the lenses he uses, and how, depending on lighting and composition, he decides which lens to use.  ND filters, both in and on the camera, plus slow shutter speeds were all explained.  Most helpful were his tips on how, when you arrive at your location and the weather is against you, you can adapt your approach and perspective and still come away with some great images.  In the second half of the talk he took us to eight of his favourite areas in the UK. Cornwall, The Lake District, The Scottish Highlands, The Peak District, The Northumberland Coast, Snowdonia, Devon, and Dorset.  A thoroughly entertaining and inspiring evening, enjoyed by all.

An East Anglian Photographer's Year - Kevin Sawford

With many members being keen nature photographers, Kevin was welcomed to a well-attended meeting.  Kevin is a multi award winning wildlife photographer based in Suffolk.  His lecture is a photographic journey throughout the seasons displaying the diverse flora and fauna around East Anglia illustrated with many of his published award-winning images with tips on the fieldcraft behind them.  He encouraged everyone to 'practise' on the common species in your garden, or local parks, so that when you see something more unusual, you are ready to go.  And as his images proved,  just because a species is common, doesn't mean they are not photogenic.   He emphasised the importance of being patient, getting to know the subject, their habitat and behaviour, and returning to the site as often as possible.  Follow him on instagram, facebook and visit his website for great inspiration.

Mastering Long Exposure Techniques - Anthony Zacharias

It was a well-attended meeting for Antony this week.  He is a commercial and fine art photographer, tutor and speaker, specialising in architectural and urban images using long exposure techniques. He has won many awards and is particularly known for his vivid architectural images and his unique perspectives on cities ranging from New York to London. He explored in depth the situations which require long exposure - firstly when there is low light, and secondly for creative effect, as with the image above.  His mantra was 'carry a [lightweight] tripod at all times' and throughout the talk he generously gave excellent tips on handling the light and getting the right colour balance, in any given situation.  His work has been commissioned by Toyota US and Sky Atlantic, and published by the BBC, Guardian, Times, and Ecologist.  Please visit his website  Anthony Zacharias  and consider one of several books he currently has available.

Tools not Rules - Caroline Preece

It was great to welcome everyone back again, including a good number of new members.  Our first meeting of the new season was presented by Caroline Preece. The first part of the talk covered photography as a visual language and communicating your personal take on the world through your images. In the second part Caroline tackles how people interpret the visual elements within an image; the impact of your compositional choices on the end image and how the viewer experiences it.  Inspiring and thought provoking.  See her website for more inspirtation.

Caroline Preece Photography

"Documenting Cambridge" website launched

Annual Exhibition 2023

(Award Winners from the 2023 Print Exhibition)

The 2023 Annual Exhibition might be over, but the images are still available for viewing online.  Click on the carousel above to explore further.

News and Information

Inter-Club Digital Competition 2024

Last Leaves by Peter North of Melbourn & District Photographic Club (winner of the 2024 Roy Pitman Award for best image)

The Cambridge Inter-Club Competition took place at Whittlesford Memorial Hall on Saturday 20th January 2024, and our judge was Barbie Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP/s FBPE AWPF from the Beyond Group. Full results can be found by clicking here or on the image above.

Member Success at 49th Smethwick International Exhibition

Cllick on the image to enter the gallery of accepted images, to view enlarged format.

We congratulate the Members from Cambridge Camera Club who have images accepted in the 49th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography. Sally Freeman was awarded a Silver Medal for her image Aurora Lighting Diamond Beach plus 3 other acceptances, Peter Baker had 4 acceptances, Philip Earl 2 and Richard Bircham, Allan Hale and Helen Cherry all had one image accepted. Out of the 100s of entries from very many countries we  applaude them for their successes.

Jim Bennett wins Medal at The London Salon

Clouded Vision


Congratulations to member Jim Bennett who is now a medal winner at the prestigious London Salon.  His image was chosen from an entry of around 1500 images, from the UK and abroad


For selection into the exhibition, each Salon Member is permitted to enter an image of their own by right, whilst the rest are selected. An individual photographer can have a maximum of two acceptances. Selection of the images is made by the Salon Members on selection day by a show of hands. A majority decides if the image is "in" or not.

The 'accepted' images are then reviewed to assess if any should be awarded a medal.  Up to just 10 medals are awarded in a salon year and only 7 were awarded this year.  So Jim is rightly very proud indeed to have his image 'Clouded Vision' selected.  Well done.  The London Salon

Young Photographer Competition 2023 - Success at District and now National Level.

Click the image to access the full entry.  Use  the menus to explore further.

The winners of the Cambridge area Young Photographer Competition swept the board at the District level as well.  Now, at the National Final we have been notified that Chloe Folkes came 3rd in the Senior goup.    Many congratulations to

Winners of Cambridge Area and District: 7 to 10 yrs - Shrivar Kunder;  11-13 yrs  Alexander Rujugiro; 14-17 yrs  Chloe Folkes

NATIONAL FINAL: Chloe Folkes - 3rd Place

Thanks to fellow sponsors:

Cambridge Camera Club 3rd in Regional Competition

Cambridge along with 24 other Clubs took part in this year’s EAF PDI Championship.   Clubs could enter 25 images and the first Round comprised 15 images with the top 10 scoring Clubs proceeding to Round Two.

At the end of Round One we were in the top three and after the scoring of the remaining 10 images, we finished in third place behind the winners Beyond Group and PICO.

This result means that Cambridge will be invited to represent the EAF at the PAGB PDI Club Championship at Warwick in July along with Beyond and PICO.

A big thank you to all those Members who allowed us to use their images.  Special mention must be made of Kevin Pigney and Stacey Purkiss who both scored 14 for their images of Hares in Snowfall and Mating Banded Demoiselles.

The images and their scores are viewable in the Gallery section of the Club Website.

David Townshend wins First Prize in IGPOTY Abstract Views

CCC member David Townshend has won first prize in the Abstract Views category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition 16 with ‘Abandon Hope’. 

David’s description for the image explains the title: ‘Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.’  In this image I see the circles within circles in Dante’s Inferno.  It was created in my garden from a bug hotel, using in-camera image blending.

More of David’s successful IGPOTY images can be seen on his website.

Lachlan French gains his LRPS Distinction

Lachlan French LRPS

Many congratulations to Lachlan French, who achieved the LRPS distinction at December's Licentiate Assessment.

Peter Benson achieves FRPS in Landscape

Peter Benson FRPS

Many congratulations to club member, Peter Benson, who was awarded his FRPS in the Landscape genre at the recent Fellowship Assessment.

Three Members gain their ARPS in Natural History Photography

Keith Gypps ARPS

Mike Harris ARPS

John Harvey ARPS

Three club members, Keith Gypps, Mike Harris and John Harvey, are to be congratulated on gaining their ARPS distinction in Natural History at June's assessment.

Jenny Collier gains her LRPS Distinction

Congratulations to Jenny Collier who achieved here LRPS Distinction at the first attempt. The panel she presented is below, but click on the image above to view her gallery. We wish her continued success with her photography.