Cambridge Camera Club

  1. Introduction

    Our club was established in 1902 and is one of the larger clubs within the EAF and the UK.  We are a membership of around 200 enthusiastic amateur photographers.  Our club is based on education and much of our activity is within our Specialist Interest Groups with Practical Workshops, Critique evenings, Technical sessions and we give help and guidance to those working towards photographic distinctions and much more.  These activities are underpinned with weekly meetings of photographic talks and competitions.  The season culminates in an Annual Exhibition of Prints and PDI’s, which runs for 1 week at the end of April, with awards presented by the Mayor and our sponsors, to whom we are extremely grateful.

    Our Sponsors:  The Cambridge Independent, Campkins Cameras, Domino, John Lewis, Olympus, Richer Sounds, Samsung, and Scotsdales.  Read more about our Sponsors.

    Membership: We are an energetic forward-looking club with a vibrant membership. If you would like to join us, please fill in a Membership Application.

  2. Club Meetings Continue Online 2021/22

    Despite COVID-19 restrictions the club put together a full programme of talks, tutorials, competitions and even coffee mornings for the members online. These have proven to be very successful, with good attendance and we thank all the speakers and judges who have adapted to this medium. We continue with this format until further notice, but a sub-committee is looking at how we could possibly transition back to meetings once again.

  3. Inter-Club Digital Competition

    Each January between 2003 and 2020 we hosted a digital competition between 36 East Anglian clubs, usually known these days as 'Whittlesford'. Regretfully we had to cancel the event in 2021 because of Covid-19, but it will be going ahead on 15th January 2022. Because of the potential for onerous government restrictions in the winter months — and attendant risks to the finances of the event — our preparations will now focus on running the competition on line via Zoom. We hope to return fully in-person from January 2023.

    As in recent years, we shall be opening for clubs to apply from June 2021.  Images will be uploaded using this website, and online entry will be open between October 1st and November 30th 2021.

    Subjects and image technical details will not be changed from recent years. The club entry fee will remain at £30; however, since the competition will take place on-line, it will be free to observe.

    • Please make sure that you keep us updated about any email address changes, or we might be unable to contact you now or in the future.

    • If you are the club representative and did not receive an initial invite for the competition - or have any other queries - please feel free to contact the Inter-Club Competition Coordinator.

    Results from the competition in January 2020 can be found here.

  4. August - New Members' Welcome Evening

    A busy month of photo walks and workshops culminated in the New Members evening on 23rd August.  A full compliment of new members met with key Council members and SIG Leaders, safely distanced and outside, at the Cambridge Rugby Club Pavilion stand.  Dr Mark Farrington (President) lead the evening and the new members were treated to an introduction to all key aspects of the club.  It was extremely well received and made us all realise how much we miss meeting in person.

    There are still a few openings for new members.  (Membership


Featured Items

  1. Annual Exhibition 2021

    An exceptional year needs an exceptional exhibition!

    Enjoy this interactive experience.   Explore over 400 members' images, deciding what you want to view and how you view it.   Enter the exhibition by clicking anywhere on the slideshow below, or simply follow the link here.

    Disclaimer: The Exhibition includes some images of an adult nature.

    Award Winning Images from the 2021 Annual Exhibition

  2. 'The Camera Lies … and That is Why it is a Creative Process'

    Skeleton Leaves

    60+ members were enthralled by our most recent speaker - Claire Carter.  Claire is a multi award-winning photographer based in Shropshire whose work has been featured frequently by Outdoor Photography Magazine.  She is also the winner of the IGPOTY 2021 Macro Art Award for ‘Skeleton Leaves’.

    She took as her premise that the camera can't lie but went on to disprove that theory by setting out the many ways in which one could adjust the settings in-camera to create a new reality.  Claire prefers to create her images in-camera.  She encourages the photographer to choose what aspect of reality they want to present and to use all the options available to 'create' a new reality.  Claire presented some beautiful photographs of landscapes as well as nature and macro shots to support her views.   

    Claire is an adventurous traveller with a wide range of images captured on her travels in Norway, Iceland and Patagonia.  She enjoys seeking out unusual locations and viewpoints, and is a seasoned photographer of the Northern Lights.  Apart from her landscape photography tours in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, she runs regular nature and macro photography workshops, and is a popular speaker at local camera clubs. (Claire's Website)

  3. Wednesday Workshop - July

    Our July Workshop saw the club members head to a site in Cambridge, to focus on the architecture and other photo opportunities.  We met at 7pm and stayed through the blue hour.  Some example output in this gallery

  4. Young Photographers 2021 go even further

    Two of our 2021 Young Photographers Competition winners from Cambridge, have gained awards in the RIBI National Competition.

    Dan Starling Senior category 1st with 'Puffin Landing' and 
    Robin Pringpuangkeo Junior Category 3rd with 'Grass Snake'.  
    Congratulations to Dan and Robin.  Read all about our local competition

News and Information

  1. Nick Bowman Awarded ARPS in Natural History

  2. It's a Knockout!

    Our first competition of the 21-22 Season was just for fun, and produced an eclectic mix of images and some amusing titles.  All the entries are randomly paired up and the members in the audience are asked to vote for their favourite of each pairing. The winner goes into the next round.  Each round halves the number of entries and continues until the winner is declared.  This year we congratulate the Winner, Nick Bowman for his entry 'Ouch! The Wicketkeeper Felt That'.  Click the image to see a gallery of the 8 highest scoring images. 

  3. FRPS Distinctions for Two Members

    Many congratulations to David Townshend and Martin Parratt who both gained their FRPS Distinctions at a recent Visual Art assessment.  Clicking on the images below will take you to David's and Martin's FRPS Galleries.


Members' Websites

A number of CCC Members have their own websites, and a list of these can be found here. Shown below is a small selection of Member sites (CCC is not responsible for the external links).