Special Interest Groups

It should be noted that most groups levy a modest charge per meeting or additional annual subscription to cover the cost of hall hire and refreshments.

Wednesday Workshop

Leader: Paul Sanwell and Charles Hall

This group aims to help Members with technical skills needed for successful photography. Sessions will be run to cover basic and more advanced use of the camera, flash, macro etc. through fun activities. In the past, year we have done Light painting, Droplet photography, Multi-flash, Panning etc. £2 per evening to cover hall hire, refreshments etc

Aperture Group

Leader: Ann Miles and Jonathan Vaines

The aim of this group is to facilitate the exchange of opinions and offer advice to those who may wish to extend their photographic skills beyond the club environment.  Although not in any way compulsory, the group encourages members who wish to try for photographic distinctions and to submit work to national and international exhibitions. All members of the group will be encouraged to participate by presentation of their own work and by offering advice and discussion to others. Projects within the group may be individual or group based. Group projects may be arranged in order to experiment with themes and techniques. £2 per evening to cover hall hire, refreshments etc

Portrait Group

Leader: Clive Downes

The Portrait Group provides the opportunity for Club members to practice and enhance their photographic skills in all aspects of people portraiture. The group aims to teach less experienced Club members how to work independently with studio and environment portraits. It also provides more experienced members with the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded photographers. The Club owns a range of studio flash equipment, which is often supplemented by members bringing their own equipment along to sessions.

The Group is always looking for new subjects and in particular looking for interesting characters and the opportunity to photograph people within their own environments. Most models work on a premise of a mutually beneficial agreement, in that models are not paid, but receive images from the group in return. Occasionally paid models will be used, which the group members are asked to contribute towards.

A subscription of £3.00, covering the hire of the hall, is payable on the evening. All club members are welcome

Digital Techniques Group

Leader: Ian Wilson

The Digital Techniques Group aims to complement the various digital workshops, run throughout the year, by providing an informal and friendly environment for members to improve all aspects of their digital processing skills. As well as providing the opportunity to revisit some of the workshop topics in more depth, meetings will also allow new areas to be tackled as well as providing one-on-one help if required.

The sessions will concentrate primarily on Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom, but other packages and plug-ins will be tackled as necessary. All skill levels are very welcome, but total beginners would be advised to attend the Photoshop days, run in the autumn. Sessions are primarily practical in nature, and members are encouraged to suggest topics to be covered or bring images on which they would like help and advice.

Critique Group

Leader: Allan Hale and Stan Saunders

The Critique Group has the aim of helping Members old and new improve their images. This will be done by the members of the group showing and analysing images as regards composition, technical details and aesthetic appeal. Projects will be set to encourage the taking and presenting of images. Some more practical sessions will cover the general requirements for preparing digital images for viewing, cropping etc. £2 per evening to cover hall hire, refreshments etc

Out and About

All Members are welcome to advertise ouings that they would like to share with other Members or Events that they feel would be of interest to others. This facility is used via the Out and About Forum. 

Events & Competitions

The club also runs a full programme of Events, which include outings and individual workshops on a variety of photographic topics.  Attendance is open to all members, but places may be limited – so book early if interested in attending. For Digital Imaging Workshops, attendees may be asked to bring their own laptops. For some events an attendance fee will be charged. This is usually at an advantageous rate for Club members. All the events are publicised through emailed Bulletins and published in the Diary section of the club website. If you have suggestions for events, then please email bulletin@cambcc.org.uk.