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Membership Fees and Categories

Yearly Membership Fees

  • Full Membership — £60
  • e-Membership — £30

More information about the Membership Categories


We will acknowledge your application by email. We will let you know about any training courses or events. At present we have a short Waitlist; and, when space permits, we will invite you to join us as a "Pre-Member" until Full Membership is available.  Pre-Membership is usually offered around Christmas time allowing Waitlist members to get to know Club members and attend meetings and events before committing to Full Membership.

Full Membership

Full Membership entitles you to attend Monday Meetings, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Club outings. Most events are open access but some, such as outings, are space-limited and must be booked in advance. Full Members have access to the website, can enter competitions, submit entries for the Annual Exhibition, stand for Council positions and vote in Club ballots and at the AGM.


e-Membership is intended for those current members who want to continue to be be involved with the club but find they can no longer attend Club meetings. If your circumstances change and you have previously been a Full Member then you are entitled to rejoin as a Full Member in a future June provided places are available.

e-Members have limited access to the Member area of the club's website, including:

  • News and Information
  • Bulletins
  • Diary
  • Online-only iComp and Summer48 Competitions
  • Internal Competitions (results, but not entry)
  • Annual Exhibition (results, but not entry)
  • Lightbox
  • Galleries
  • Forums
  • Documents (limited access)
  • Preferences and User Profile
  • Contacts

e-Members are not entitled to:

  • Attend Monday evening or Special Interest Group meetings as part of their subscription
  • Enter Internal Competitions (other than iComp and Summer48, which are online-only)
  • Enter the Annual Exhibition
  • Vote at the AGM
  • Take part in Club ballots
  • Stand for Council positions