Selectors for 2022

The club invites external selectors to assess each submitted image and we compile the exhibition from the top scoring images.

Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS, CPAGB, HonPAGB

I joined Harrow Camera Club in 1975 and have been on their committee with some gaps since 1978. In 1998 I joined the Chilterns Association committee as treasurer and have since been chairman. I now run their website. I then joined the Photographic Alliance Executive in 2003, wrote the standards for digital projection and now run their website and chair the Standards & Governance committee. I also served over ten years as organiser of the RPS Thames Valley region. Amongst all this administrative activity, my own photography is essentially record and travel documentary leading to club lectures with my wife, Judy. When judging I look for the photographer’s contribution to devising and delivering the image, regardless of genre.

Mark's website

Peter Prosser APAGB

I became interested in photography when I was about eleven years old and became an avid reader of photographic magazines (I had a newspaper delivery round and could read for free.  However, photography remained in the background until I joined Kodak (as an engineer). I managed all the engineering required for the film and paper testing departments. A job I thoroughly enjoyed. I joined the photographic club and was chairman and then secretary until I retired. I was able to indulge in monochrome and colour printing from both negatives and slides.  I was involved with the inauguration of the North West London Federation of Photographic Societies, an annual competition still running and the North London Pictorial Group, now gone.  The club was part of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC), a federation in the PAGB and I was invited to become Chairman; needless to say, I am still on the committee many years later.  The CACC run a judges training course of which I am a mentor. We hope to encourage new, and younger judges, to critique images and replace more mature judges (like me!).  I enjoy all images and subjects, monochrome, colour, “straight” or manipulated. Images need to be enticing to look at. They should engender an emotion, a reaction, tell a story.  We take photographs to please ourselves and others but above all, we should enjoy it and it should be fun.

Colin Southgate FRPS, DPAGB

I have been involved in photography since 1986. I gained my LRPS in 1992, my ARPS in 1999 and also my DPAGB, and my FRPS in 2006. I have been judging and lecturing since 2000. I was a reluctant recruit to both but quickly overcame my initial nerviousness on finding that I really enjoyed seeing and discussing other photographers work. I am a member of the RPS Creative Eye group and of Harpenden Photographic Society. I also belong to circles 11 and Z7 of United Postal Portfolios. My own particular interests are infrared, architecture and abstract photography, but in viewing others work I enjoy all styles and genre. Much of my inspiration in photography comes from my fellow photographers around the country but I do have a special affection for the work of Alfred Stieglitz from the 1900s.

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