Digital Inter-Club Exhibition Rules


The Digital Inter Club Exhibition is open to any Club or Society registered with the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies. The objective of this free to enter and access Digital Exhibition is to showcase work from Camera Clubs in East Anglia.

General Rules

  1. A Club may enter up to 4 images of their choice. Entries may be colour or monochrome on an Open theme.
  2. The submitted images will not be subject to a selection process, but all images must be suitable for Public Exhibition.
  3. Information needed for each Entry is Title and Author; a short Description can also be added if wished.
  4. Each image should be in JPEG format with an embedded sRGB colour profile and not larger than 1600x1200 pixels (no wider than 1600px and no taller than 1200px).
  5. If a person is a member of more than one Club, their images can be used to represent those clubs as long as there are no duplicate submissions. There is no need to choose which club to represent.
  6. The author of each image must have undisputed copyright of the work, and representatives submitting images must take responsibility on behalf of their club for the probity of all the images. Representatives must also confirm that they have permission from all authors for their images (and associated metadata) to be stored on the Cambridge Camera Club website and used for publicity purposes associated with the Exhibition.
  7. For public display on the website, exhibition images will be shown at reduced size and with a burned-in watermark.

Please refer any queries relating to these Rules to the Inter-Club Digital Competition Co-ordinator via email (