Images from 'Young Photographers' Exhibition 2021-2022'

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Humble Bumble
Nicholas Richter
Symmetry in Nature
Alexa Bendelack
The Forbidden Red Berries
Elizabeth Lee
Sophia Duke
Alexander Loke-Hassell
Colours of Nature
Saisha Mehta
The Cosmos and the Bee
Amanda Mak
Yorkshire Views
Eleanor McIntosh
Ethan Martin
Exploring the Shades of Brown
Campbell Lee
Sunrise Leaf
Martha Brown
Pink Bloom
Sofia Munoz
The Colour of Water
Gemma Maiolino
Cosmos Flower
Claudia Meadows
Autumn Nature
Amogh Atreya
Pollination Game
Isabella Fuld
Colours of Nature
Madeleine Haley
Colours Of Winter
Eleanor Chung
Colours of Nature
Jake Farrimond
Balance of Nature
Joseph Elgar
Woodland Wonder
Emma Hartley
Winter Treasures
Lexie Weeks
Early Autumn Sight
Yao Xiao
Crazy Coloured Clouds
Eric Xiao
Esme Langford
Snowdrops and Beech Leaves
Archie Parkins
Dominic Speck
Glory of the Snow
Emilia Morecroft
Make Way
Alexander Seega
Frosty Morning
Olivia Bendelack
Mercedes Kehoe
Green Flakes
Suen Wingwai
Miranda Qin
Glacial Ice
Louise Chiang
Red Berries
Katherine Mack
Phoebe Gressier
Oliver Marshall-Critchley
Colours of Nature
Alexandra Richards
Ieuan Williams
Rainbow After a Storm
Sofia Altheyab
Grace Arthur
Flaming Skies
Bella Weeks
Patrick Stannard
Colours of Silence
Valentina De Luca Rubio
Pink Splash
Jessica Mackenzie
Orange Squash
Sylvia Garnett
Confetti of Flowers
Bailey Altan Curtis
Are You Lichen This?
Freddie Hiscock
Winter Sunset
Bethany Thomas
Purple Iris
Maria Seega
Shrey Tanwar
Autumnal Colours
Nadine Mills-Kelly
Warm Stratocumulus
Tayla Astell
Colourful Light
Martin Perreau-Saussine
Going Home
Hebe Winstanley
Hidden in Nature
Sophia Eschbach
Rape Seed Field
Holly Smith
Wall to Nature
Felix Guenter
Wicken Fen
Jamie Bloor
On the Move
Claudia Fung
Summer Sights
Luisa Moscone
Beijing Lake
Hans Zhang
Nectar Time
Thomas Cubitt
Vivid Leaf
Tanya Mathew
Colours of Nature
Amy Hare
Colours of Nature
Clementine Budinger
Naia Duncombe
Chuge Jiao
Meadow of Tranquility
Daria Shmatko
Purple Carnation
Dorothy So
Silhouettes and Sunset
Yan Ko Ting
Turtle Colours of Nature
Robin Pringpuangkeo
Ishan Punn
Piering into the Breaking Dawn
Alex Slade
Autumn Leaves Under Sky
Melody Li
Gabriel James
Walking in the Field
Julius Mak
Rotated Earth
Martha Flind
Hebridean Winter Colours After the Storm
Henry Gouliouris
Colours of Nature
Dylan Davies
Dragon Fly
Dominic Illsley
Colours Of Nature
Oliver McElroy
White Flower
Hasan Abbas
Colours of Nature
Aashna Mehta
Evening Colour of August
Daisy Dickinson
Nature’s Sunrise
Holly Cook
Horatio Martin
Temperence Kehoe
Gold Flowers on an Autumn Day
Christina Theodoratou

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