Mayor's Choice
Horseheath by Mike Harris
People’s Choice:
 First - The Band, Bowfell by Gareth Crocker - 21 votes 
  Second  - Oskar, Flyball Champ by Ann Miles - 17 votes
  Third -Female Kingfisher by Richard Nicoll - 15 votes
  Fourth -  Early Morning on the Water by Sue Badcock - 14 votes
   Fifth - Night Train to Weybourne by Nick Bowman  - 13 votes
       Fifth - It’s a Man’s World by Jonathan Vaines  - 13 votes
Sponsors' Trophies:
The Redgate Trophy for ‘selected’ PDI -  Sunrise at Jokulsarlon by Ian Wilson
The Domino Cup for ‘selected’ Print -  Entering the Ice Cave by Ann Miles
The Cambridge Independent News Cup for ‘selected’ News/Sport/Documentary Print - Helping Hands by Clive Downes
The Scotsdales Shield for ‘selected’ Flora/Fauna print - Oscar, Flyball Champ by Ann Miles